Frequented Asked Questions

Q: How to recognize an acetate?
A: A
Acetate disc
cetates were only available to issues released not much after of early 90's. Today the pressing plants don't use to produce acetates anymore. They are rarer than a test pressing, and each side from a record needed its own acetate where the underlying material is aluminum (on older pressings it was used glass) with a coating of nitrocellulose lacquer, and that's why it's heavier when compared to a common vinyl issue.
Q: How to recognize a true vinyl test pressing?
A: Usually they have white labels or labels issued only for test purpose. The unaccepted test pressings must to have a different matrix code than accepted issues. Sometimes they come with a test sheet from issuer. The collector need to take care, because some serious bootlegers could make a test pressings starting from a common pressing.
Q: How to recognize a true promo record?
A: When a promo is different from a market pressing, it's easy, because it's obvious! Some other promos are very close to market pressings, which request some care from the collector beginner. The Japanese pressings use to have a sticker on front or back sleeve, as well as a sample warning print in vinyl label. The American use to have a golden stamp in front or back sleeve, or only a cut-out (consider that most cut-outs are not promos), and with these last they use to come with promo sheets and/or promo photos. Korean promos use to have a sticker in recordd sleeve (but not always), and the vinyl label background color is different. In Europe we use to find less Brats/Mercyful Fate/King Diamond promos than in US or Japan. European promos use to be common pressings with promo sheets and/or promo photos, or coming with a common sleeve with a promo sticker. Today there isn't any new vinyl promo issues.
Q: Is King Diamond a true Satanist?
A: Yes, he is! He said it several times! He's a Satanist according to what has been stated by Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey's (born 11 April 1930 – 29 October 1997, Church of Satan
CoS 'Sigil of Baphomet'
Founder) in the Satanic Bible. King Diamond and LaVey had a legenday meeting in San Francisco during 80's. Lavey's Satanism

"There is a beast in man that should be exercised, not exorcised" Anton Szandor LaVey

 and Catholic Satanic are opposite concepts. Lavey's Satanists aren't Devil worshipers. Catholic Devil is a figure from Catholic scope and he's the opposite of God. Church of Satan, is against what most public domain consider it is its principles, when confusing it with a Theistic Satanism movement.  Within Theistic Satanism there are a wide variety of beliefs. Their concept of Satan is not based on the works of Anton LaVey, whose Satanism is not the worship of Satan but a form of individualism using Satan as a symbol of man living in accordance with his nature. Only some serious metal & non metal band's members are true Satanists. Most of times they are fake Satanists! Remember to use the name Satan helps a lot to sell better! According to Peter Gilmore (CoS High Priest), the first step to become a Satanist is to be an Atheist. Church of Satan philosophy could be understood through its The 11 Satanic Rules of Earth, The 9 Satanic Statements, and The 9 Satanic Sins. To understand more about Church of Satan purpose or visit

King Diamond and Anton LaVey in San Francisco during 80's, where LaVey regaled Diamond with a keyboard rendition of 'Wonderful Copenhagen'

«Actually Satanic symbology is the only thing that has kept rock music alive for the past few years. Since MTV, bands rely entirely on visuals. What else can they sell? They certainlt can't rely on any musical merit. Kids buy records as badges of affiliation now, They say themselves that they din't listen to the words, they just like what the visuals communicate - and Satanic imagery is the most dramatic. Plus they get the feeling of rebellion ehic most kids seems to need. The music industry had nothing else to sell so they reached for the most powerful icons they could think of - Satanism. David Lee Roth even included a little in-joke in the title of one his 1987 hits, using the last words from The Satanic Bible, 'Yankee Rose'. But all these bands, with the single exception of King Diamond, who has the courage to openly support Satanism and makes no secret of his dedication, stridently deny charges that they are advicating actual Devil worship - it's all in fun. It's the old story of using the Devil's name to make your millions but not wanting to play the Devil's game.»
Anton Szandor LaVey (Barton, B. The Secret Life of a Satanist. Ferall House, LA. 1990/1992.

«I respect the powers of the unknown and will not abuse them in any way. My reference point is  "The Satanic Bible" by Anton Szandor LaVey which consists of 70% philosophy and 30% magic.» King Diamond  (In: 1986 Roadrunner/Greenworld Biography)
Q: Is true it has been printed a "Melissa" banned sleeve?
A: Yes, a short number (unknown) of a banned sleeve have been printed. The front is the same than at "Live" bootleg album, as wel known. In front paint there is an
'Melissa' banned sleeve
orange square: That was to avoid to see what was pressed behind (the word "Melissa"). The back from the banned sleeve isn't the same than in bootleg, but the photos are the same from the banned print. The sleeve is a complete as piece as any other sleeve, but unglued. This is one of most valious pieces for the Mercyful Fate collector. The band considered (and all we agree!) the paint like a childish view of Mercyful Fate... they asked Thomas to show some paints from his portfolio... and the front sleeve was found.
Q: Is true there is a bootleg/fake issue of the banned "Conspiracy" sleeve at market?
A: Yes, there are a bootleg/fake issues released in Brazil, and in Greece (countries always at the top level in bootleg scene...). The Brazilian issue is a clone which comes with the sleeve only or with the Roadracer picture-disc inside to look the American radio/magazine gift. It is sold as original, so take care! Most of copies in market are this bootleg/fake. It's price was seen to be between US $ 75.00 - 300.00 or even more. Today it's not sold only from Brazil, but it's sold/trade by fans which don't know they are leading with a bootleg/fake.  Here are some pictures which could help you to watch the differences. The Greek bootleg has a better print quality, and it's easy to recognize because only the front picture is from the banned sleeve. It use to coma with a used common pressing record inside with the common inserts (all taken from a common used issue). The original issue has been a gift at US radio, and magazines contestes, coming with Roadracer picture-disc inside, as well as a sheet from those media. In Europe it appeared with "Conspiracy" test-pressing inside, and with issuer label sheet. The sleeve is exactly the same (made in West-Germany).
Q: Is true King Diamond and Ann Boleyn (Hellion vocalist/New Renaissence Records owner) dated?!
A: According to Ann Boleyn's manager, they never dated. This seems to be a rumour, despite Ann Boleyn (a.k.a. Anne Hull) is very close to Mercyful Fate/King Diamond people (King offered Ann some pictures at the 80's, which included some numbered "13"; Ann placed at least some at eBay auctions). During the 80's several journalists began spreading the rumour that Ann was dating . One journalist even showed a picture he had of King in full makeup holding Ann's picture and making a very "interesting" jesture. Another reason for this rumour was also to be heard from many fans that the woman on the cover of one of King Diamond's "Fatal Portrait" album looks like it was meant to be Ann Boleyn. It is probably due to this rumor that both Metal Hammer and the now defunct Metal Queens Magazine printed her picture as the Queen of Diamonds.
Source: and Gary Shafer/
Q: Is there some other coincidences between King Diamond and Ann Boleyn?
A: Yes...
1. King Diamond and Ann Boleyn (the name of a queen of England) are both "metal royalty"!
2. Mercyful Fate and Hellion were both formed in 1982.
3. According to Sam Keenan, King Diamond and Ann Boleyn are born on the same day!
4. There are shocking similarities between several Hellion and Mercyful Fate/King Diamond songs... especially with the guitar playing. The guitar part of the Hellion song "Nightmlares" is almost identical to the Mercyful Fate song "Curse Of The Pharaohs" (which came out a year after the Hellion song!)! There are also very suspicios similarities between Hellion's song "Run For Your Life" and the 1985 Xmas King Diamond song "No Presents For Christmas" ("Run For Your Life" which was produced by Ronnie James Dio first came out on the "12 Commandments of Metal" on the Roadrunner label in mid-1985).
5. Mercyful Fate began after Brats broke up. A Hellion is 'a brat'! If you want to go really far you can note the connection to The Runaways, since a 'runaway' could probably be considered 'a brat'!
6. Olivier Delobel, the past webmaster
of the official King Diamond and Mercyful Fate page replied in his guestbook that he had heard that the woman on the cover of "Fatal Portrait" was King Diamond's (ex) wife, but that he was not certain. Did King Diamond know her during 85-86?! It seems impossible... Sound God claims that King's ex-wife was under 18 when he married her, and that the marriage took place five years after "Fatal Portrait" was released. This would mean that King's wife would have been a small child when the "Fatal Portrait" album was released. Since the woman on the cover of "Fatal Portrait" is clearly an adult, it is very unlikely that it could have been King's ex-wife, unless he was married more than one time... However, many fans believe the painting looks almost identical to a promotional picture of Ann Boleyn that was printed in magazines in the early 1980s! You could watch Ann's 80's pictures at her MySpace page
7. The main character on King Diamond's "Abigail" album is "Abigail La Fey." Ann Boleyn's publishing company is called "Morgan La Fey Music"?
8. Dave Snodgrass
who knows a cousin of Ann tells us that Ann Boleyn's family calls her 'Gail' (Is this short for Abigail?!!!). Dave also says that Ann Boleyn's real-life grandmother, who is thanked on several of her albums, is named "Lucy"... which is also the name that King Diamond gives to his fictional "Grandma"!!!
Source: Robbie James Adams
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