The purpose of this site to evidence the purity and eloquence of the best Danish metal act ever: Mercyful Fate (1981-1985).


How to best watch this site?

There are two different areas:

The 1st is related to band info (extremely uncompleted), another is related to a private collection (almost completed). I wish to show persons, recordings as well as other evidences from Mercyful Fate 1981-1985 era, as well as from previous days.

The 2nd is a private collection from Brats/Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, as well as from the legendary metal from the 80's, featuring tons of hyper rare material, including some unique copies. There are a lot of important data for the serious collector.


Of course this site is a way to share a personal passion regarding legendary Mercyful Fate. It is done by a fan since the very very very  early days. Most of all early Brats, Mercyful Fate and King Diamond members, as well as past and present managers are close from its author.


The text presented here is only related with Mercyful Fate collection scope, and should not be related to any market, religion, social, political or other intent. All copyrights are from the owners.


I have stoped to collect during 2011. As you should know, a family project isn't compatible with to collect at this level, and my family project became my focus. The site has the list from what I've collected from 1982 till 2011.


No reply to e-mails will be done if copies or dubs are asked!


This site is dedicated to the memory of Olivier Delobel (1975-2003).

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